Quark Clash


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A game prototype that would explain elementary particles and physics. This is a two players card game, but it possible to play against AI.


This project was made during my intership with 3 other ENJMIN’students. It was realized with the

help of the CNRS(National Centre for Scientific Research) for the advenced science part.

My Role

I was the only programmer on this project. I made all aspect of programmation on Unity 5

  • Gameplay
  • Network, client-server architecture
  • AI

Play !

Windows and MacOS (zip)

The Team

  • Judicaël Abecassis (Programming)
  • Leïla Chihab (Visual Art)
  • Gaspard Morel (Sound Design)
  • Mathilda Kallouch-Neuville (Game design)