Take Care

Unity, Oculus Rift, Hand tracking, Wwise

Take Care is a video game designed for Oculus Rift and Razer Hydra. You play as Jacques, cosmonaut onboard the A.R.C.H.1, a spaceship tasked to spread the human race accross the galaxy. Unfortunately, your ship has several flaws, which would have severe consequences if a collision occured…


At ENJMIN, the second semester of master 1 is dedicated to the development of a game prototype in team of 2 to 6 students. We gather around projects validated by the pedagogical team and have 3 months (April to June) to create a game

I was lead programmer on this project. I worked on asset integration, level scripting and gameplay programming.

The main challenge of this project was the use of the Occulus Rift and razer hydra which represent a lot of tech. We had to design the whole game for the VR experience and find tricks to limit the motion sickness in space, which offer very few point of references.

We used Oculus Rift DK2 for VR and the Razer Hydra for hand tracking. IT sound weird now but the oculus touch and the HTC Vive was’nt exist at this period.


The Team

  • JudicaĆ«l Abecassis (Programming)
  • Basile Bastian (Game Design)
  • Anne Bournisien (Visual Art)
  • Lucas Le Gouic (Programming)
  • Nicolas Mahieu (Sound Design)
  • Emilie Mavel (Management)