Unity, Jam

In Starpool you hit planet for scoring, throw them against stars and avoid blackholes !


The game was made during Gaïté Game Jam 2015 (January) in 72 hours with Unity 4. It was made in 48 hours. It was selected by a jury to be exposed at La Gaïté lyrique, Paris for two weeks.

I worked on gameplay mechanics and scoring system.

Also on this project was Emilie Mavel (Communication), Gaspard Morel (Sound),Benjamin Rigotti (Visual Art),François Rizzo (Game design) and Vincent Swaenepoel (UI programming)


Web player (Unity plug-in)
Download windows version


The Team

  • Judicaël Abecassis (Programming)
  • Emilie Mavel (Community Manager)
  • Gaspard Morel (Sound Design)
  • Benjamin Rigotti (Visual Art)
  • François Rizzo (Game Design)
  • Vincent Swaenepoel (Programming)

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