Unity, AI, Pathfinding, Wwise

JIAO creates a meditative game inspiring from a Chinese mythic story, in which the avatar will make an evolution from a fish to a dragon with a fluid ink-water style. Deeply, it represents a life metaphor of philosophy Buddhist, from birth to death, from noting to being then back to noting.


Jiao is a student project initiate by an Enjmin’s team. I join the project during the devellopment as second programmer for improve the game and candidate for the Independent Game Festival 2015.

I was gameplay programmer on this project alongside Martin Lagrange, I mainly worked on AI and gameplay features.



IGF Game’s page



The Team

  • Alice MingYa Gao (Game Design)
  • Martin Lagrange (Programming)
  • Judicaël Abecassis (Programming)
  • Vincent Loubet (UX Design)
  • Leïla Chihab (Art)
  • Teninke Camara (Sound Design)
  • Marc-Antoine Archier (Musical Composition)