Conventional Day

Unity, Jam, Platformer

You are a young child and you need to go to school, it’s boring but you have the « Jellytator », an unconventional weapon (but not the only one) which shoots jellies.
Try to go safely !


The game was made during Ludum Dare #32 (April 2015) in 72 hours with Unity 5. I worked with friends from ENJMIN in my appartement.

I was programmer on this project alongside Vincent Swaenepoel . I implemented a big part of gameplay mechanics, and level design while Vincent was working on the HUD, graphic integration and AI


Web (Unity Web Player)


Ludum Dare’s page


The Team

  • JudicaĆ«l Abecassis (Programming)
  • Amelia Lopes (Sound Design )
  • Marjolaine Paz (Visual Art)
  • Vincent Swaenepoel (Programming)