Broken Mind

Unreal Engine 4, Shader, AI

Broken Mind is a puzzle game that deals with something we all fear. The setting takes place in a strange world where the main character, Tanwen, explores fragments of her memory in order to find her long forgotten soulmate, Leila. The game was introduce to Enjmin’s « Atelier du jeu vidéo » and to Imaginad at Montreal.


At ENJMIN, the year is dedicated to the development of a game prototype in team of 11 to 12 students. We gather around projects validated by the pedagogical team and have

6 months (October to March) to create a game.

I was Lead programmer on this project. I Worked on gameplay programming, shaders, AI and assets integration.

The project had one big challenge : An implementation of a dynamic and intelligent fog to stress and disturb the player.


Broken Mind’s Website


The Team

  • Judicaël Abecassis(Programming)
  • Romain Berbion (Art)
  • Emilie Breslavetz (Game Design)
  • Leï Chihab (Art)
  • Guillaume Dor (Programming)
  • Chloé Duretti (Game Design)
  • Justin Guilbert (Producer)
  • Amélia Lopez (Game Design)
  • Adrien Maljournal (Sound Design)
  • Guillermo Nunez (Programming)
  • Kevin Ornon (UX Designer)
  • Janie Poulin (Art)