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An astronaut is being in danger when his station hits a meteorite in space. That’s when his little laboratory mice take the things in charge and plan to save him with the help of their tiny jetpacks and tiny muscles. The game is played with four players who are controlling a hand or a leg, left or right. 4 players for one character! Have fun seeing weird poses, yelling at friends to place their controllers to the right places, argue on the best route, etc.


The game was made during Global Game Jam 2015 (January) in 48 hours with Unity 4. I worked with friends from the ENJMIN (a french video game school where I’m studying game programming) whose hosted the event.

My Role

I was programmer on this project. I implemented all the gameplay mechanics and did the visual and audio asset integration.

  • Gameplay integration
  • Visual and sound asset integration

The project had one big challenge : the implementation of a playable player controller with a 2D ragdoll system. It was a success. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I had to drop the proper sound integration.

Play !

Web (Unity Web Player)


How to play ?

It’s a two to four players game. Each player only need a single joystick. So you can play with two or four controllers

You can also use the keyboard with keys

  • Player 1 : WASD
  • Player 2 : YGHJ
  • Player 3 : OKL;
  • Player 4 : arrows

The Team

  • Judicaël Abecassis(Programming)
  • David Bouchard-Gagnon(Visual Art)
  • François Cardin(Visual Art)
  • Jeremy Evain (Game Design)


Links : Global Game Jam Page