Broken Mind

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Broken Mind is a reflexion game in 2D isometric vue. The player controls a female character with Alzheimer’s disease. He explores her mind to search her soul mate lost in her memory whereas the disease evolves.


At ENJMIN, the year is dedicated to the development of a game prototype in team of 11 to 12 students. We gather around projects validated by the pedagogical team and have

6 months (October to March) to create a game.

My Role

I am Lead programmer on this project. I mainly work on gameplay and shader programming on Unreal Engine 4.

  • Uneal Engine 4
  • Gameplay programming
  • Shader
  • AI
  • Visual and sound asset integration

The project had one big challenge : An implementation of a dynamic and intelligent fog to stress and disturb the player.

The Team

  • Judicaël Abecassis(Programming)
  • Romain Berbion (Art)
  • Emilie Breslavetz (Game Design)
  • Leï Chihab (Art)
  • Guillaume Dor (Programming)
  • Chloé Duretti (Game Design)
  • Justin Guilbert (Producer)
  • Amélia Lopez (Game Design)
  • Adrien Maljournal (Sound Design)
  • Guillermo Nunez (Programming)
  • Kevin Ornon (UX Designer)
  • Janie Poulin (Art)